Asset management

We relieve you with our asset management in a variety of ways:

By delegating the management of securities, you receive professional management for your liquid assets. This saves you time for the really important things in your life and relieves you of all the associated asset management issues.

We are responsible for the selection of investment specialists or individual investments. By taking a holistic view of your assets, we adapt the management, if necessary, individually to your preferences. Your specifications are firmly anchored in your management contract.

Of course, the constant monitoring and associated risk controlling of your assets is also part of our daily business. We take over the daily monitoring of your assets for you.

Naturally, you will receive a regular presentation of the development of your portfolio. You decide when and how often you would like to receive a report from us.

Classic or individual?

Decide whether classic or individual asset management suits you better.

Classical asset management

We take the following approach to classic asset management:

You transfer the investment decisions into trustworthy hands, but have no influence on strategy implementation and transaction decisions. The investment universe is possible worldwide and is based on ETF’s.


  • Competent contact persons with an average of 20 years of professional experience for all asset management issues
  • Defining framework conditions for portfolio management
  • Choice between three investment profiles that define the risk:
  • WEALTHportfolio BALANCED
  • WEALTHportfolio GROWTH
  • Specially developed investment approach by a well-rehearsed team
  • Value-preserving investment approach with a successful track record
  • Top-down approach
  • Controlled risk through in-depth understanding of the business model
  • Regular reporting in the form of professional reporting in various degrees of detail
  • From 500.000 Euro

Individual asset management

We take the following approach to individual asset management:

You delegate your preferred investment decisions or asset classes to us. Together with our experts, we develop your personal investment strategy, which is solely geared towards you. In doing so, we draw on a global investment universe without any restrictions.

In addition to our range of services in traditional asset management, we also offer individual asset management:


  • Customized solutions for institutional and private investors
  • Global orientation
  • Personally agreed contract with regard to investment focus, investment restrictions and benchmark
  • Investment profile depending on your risk tolerance, your risk capacity and your investment objective
  • Investment concept individually developed with our portfolio managers and advisors
  • Professional reporting that can be designed according to your wishes
  • From 5 million euros

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