Financial planning for professional athletes

What professional athletes should know about finances

Professional athletes live fast, irregularly and independent of location. They are confronted with special challenges: short careers, limited contracts, frequent changes of residence and smooth transitions between professional and private life. Not continuity but constant change is the norm in life. In keeping with this lifestyle, they need an advisor who takes into account both professional and private matters, is broadly networked and understands the rhythm of life of a professional athlete. That is why we offer this target group individual financial coaching, where we act as the athlete’s financial mentor, according to the motto „Fitness when it comes to your own finances“. We impart professional financial knowledge and develop strategies to preserve the substance of the assets during and after an active career.

Our financial coaching also includes the following range of services:

  • Financial planning by a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner)
  • Individual asset management for the professional sportsman
  • Insurance Management
  • Property Management
  • National and international tax planning in cooperation with renowned lawyers and tax consultants
  • Concierge services

The financial planning can of course be made in German, English, Serbian, Italian or Spanish.

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