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Asset controlling and reporting
Clarity and transparency are crucial for financial success

Most asset structures have grown historically and are therefore often backed by complex structures. Now it is important to get an overview of the numerous documents of the individual asset managers, banks and investments.

Real estate and financing
Your asset class Property

With our real estate specialist and licensed real estate agent we support you intensively in the purchase or sale of your real estate. We also take care of the right tenant.

Completely neutral and independent, we find the most favourable and suitable financing for you. Together with you, we work out a tailor-made financing concept.

Financial and succession planning

The introduction of efficient asset structures and a selection of individually tailored concepts are just some of our tools of the trade. We consider for you the liquid and illiquid financial products, real estate and insurance, as well as the tax and legal aspects.

Private Equity
Risk minimization in your portfolio

Private equity is a form of corporate finance that has decades of tradition in America and England, while it is still relatively young in Europe and Asia.

With safety – more safety

Being healthy is the most important thing in life. For you to enjoy it, we take care to safeguard and promote your health individually and to give you a comprehensive understanding.

M&A and company handover
Design your company succession successfully together with us

The decision to hand over or sell one’s own company represents a major turning point in the life of an entrepreneur. It is about one’s own life’s work, about longstanding employees and, like the founding of a company, usually represents a unique event in the entrepreneur’s career.

Tangible assets
Values as individual as yourself

No matter whether it is about building up a collection of vintage cars, buying art or valuable watches – our specialists provide intensive support for you as a customer.

Asset management
Relief for your asset management

Among other things, the delegation of securities management provides you with professional management for your liquid assets. This saves you time for the really important things in your life and relieves you of all the associated asset management issues.

Decide whether classic or individual asset management is more suitable for you.


Fund and portfolio management

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