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The decision to hand over or sell one’s own company represents a major turning point in the life of an entrepreneur. It is about one’s own life’s work, about longstanding employees and, like the founding of a company, usually represents a unique event in the entrepreneur’s career.

Sale, succession planning within the family, management buy-in, management buy-out, the inclusion of a strategic partner in the context of a capital increase – all these things play an essential role in the thoughts of the entrepreneur. A company succession is a long process in which the entrepreneur must actively participate. Most people find it difficult to part with their own company, in which so much work and passion has been invested. The emotional value of the company is immeasurable.

When selling the company, it is not only a question of the amount of the sales proceeds, but also of emotional values. As consultants, we bring a high degree of empathy and the necessary tact and sensitivity to the task of representing the interests of the entrepreneur. We accompany him through the entire succession or sales process: from the company analysis to the valuation, the preparation of a marketable sales prospectus, the evaluation of potential investors, the sales strategy consulting, the investor approach and the moderation up to the support of the contract negotiations.

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