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The world’s first data or text mining fund: Globallytics Fund No. 1

The perfect timing – as well as the latest developments in artificial intelligence, the availability of adequate amounts of data, the meeting of a team consisting of the right skills – professional and human – have enabled us to launch the world’s first data and text mining fund in this unique design.

The results achieved so far enable high returns with low volatility, and this solely on the basis of extracting latent semantic features based on machine learning on concrete data.

Very exciting is the extremely low correlation to the global equity markets.

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Christian Sammet in an interview:

„We train our system on part of this data, we validate the resulting models and optimize the parameters in the process, thus achieving the highest possible degree of up-to-dateness. In this way we avoid possible misinterpretations due to a so-called semantic drift“.

An approach that has not yet been adopted in portfolio management and which not only ensures a diversification of asset classes for institutional investors, but also a diversification in the management style of the portfolios.
Only clients of our Family Office currently have the opportunity to benefit from this exceptional investment strategy in the future.

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